Denon AH-D7100 in the Test

The Denon AH-D7100 is his proud prize of 1250 euros for real music enthusiasts. We have tested the HiFi headphones.

At Denon is thought to target groups and individuality more. A newly defined users can type the Japanese is the “music maniac”. Do you mean: this customer expects consistent music experience, is also prepared to up this enthusiasm cost to make. 1250 Euro the music enthusiast for the premium product in the range would have to invest, the D7100. This waits on like its predecessor D7000, with Real wood shells made of mahogany , but now accompanied by glass fibre reinforced plastic.

Also the optics of the listener has changed slightly: the D7000 as classic HiFi headphones was to recognize, the successor is cooler and urban, sitting but not more so perfectly. Actually, the handset has become easier, but also slightly stiffer. The pluggable cable with microphone and remote control for Apple Smartphones or pur with 6.35 mm jack plug are of very high quality. The only point of criticism: the Plug protrude far out of the shells and Chafe under some circumstances the shirt collar – vocally during quiet passages of music. Because the Music Maniac is of course also go crazy about music, Denon plays thanks to low impedance and outstanding efficiency also of mobile players.

Denon AH-D7100: hearing test

A private Player App turns iPhone with Equalizer presets, graphical spectrum display and manual tuning of sound to the professional player. With sound tune anything there to the handset in: rarely has a such precise, neutral, yet strong bass and space-filling headphones on the ears. The music sounds so perfect, as one would beam directly into the recording studio before a great commentator. A real music-maniac for all music enthusiasts.