Designs and Decorations for Eyes Makeup Trend 2015

Designs and decorations for eyes makeup trend 2015: for a special night out or to make particular eye makeup by day, trend 2015 is clear, off at lids decorated with glitter, glitter and designs of all kinds!

The 2015 aims to be a year of extravagance with regard to the trend of make up, according to beautypically. Colored lipsticks and eye shadow shades charges show in all perfumeries, the most bizarre and original look models on the catwalk are de usually, thanks to the trend in hair, which are also intended to be highlighted by fluorescent strands. The eye cannot lag behind, and therefore also for the eyelids (eye) the tendency of 2015 provides a very quirky and original make-up .

The Eye makeup 2015, in fact, see Excel glitter eye shadows and applications jewel, as well as drawings from real own, created with pencils and eye shadows. The smokey eyes and the cat eyes are enriched with glitter, colored or iridescent, creating important light points and allow you to focus all on look. The most extravagant solutions provide for the combined use of glitter and glitter and, as basic color eye shadow. This eye makeup, also accompanied by generous doses of eyeliner and mascara, is perfect for an evening, especially if particular and to remember.

Even the makeup by day, though, it can be enlivened by touches of light, especially in spring and summer. A pastel eyeshadow (pink, turquoise and apricot) can get even happier by applying a diamond on the lower waterline of the eye; If, instead, you love dark eye shadows (black, blue, Brown and purple are always colors to keep on hand!) you can give brightness to the look by adding a glitter eyeshadow (gold or silver) just at the top of the eye.

The patterns to be used are endless: from flowers to geometry, through the animal prints; glitter can be classics, rods, but also stars and hearts are all the rage, in 2015.