Deuter AirContact Pro 70 Backpack + 15 – Review

The backpack AirContact Pro 70 + 15 is a Deuter, a German company specializing in backpacks, hydration packs, backpacks and sleeping bags techniques. The brand is a reference in the United States and Europe, and their backpacks are considered one of the best on the market. The Deuter came to Brazil in 2001.

Deuter AirContact Pro 70 Backpack + 15

Is a large, robust backpack and heavy weight. Has various settings, especially the Vari-flex system, which was designed especially for those who haul heavy loads. The AirContact Pro line barrigueira distributes the weight evenly.

AirContact 70 Test + 15

The product has been tested for over 1 year in different scenarios. The backpack AirContact Pro 70 + 15 was used in mountain crossings, beach and ice. It was also put to the test on several backpacking trips.

Good Points

Storage space

Material and finish that can handle any adversity

Vari-Flex System

Unique compartment for hydration system

Multipurpose Backpack

The head of the Pack can be used as attack backpack

Built-in rain cover

Barrigueira system with buckles

Negative Points

A little heavy, has 3300 g

Output of the hydration system

Final Impressions

The Deuter AirContact Pro 70 + 15 fully answered my needs. Is a bag end, i.e. it is not a transitional production. Is definitely one of the best backpacks on the market, being used by the most renowned climbers. Is a product that has great performance.

As you can see in the video, the bag doesn’t appear to any wear, but has been extensively used over 1 year. Surely will last for many years.

What draws the most attention is the strength and the quality of the bag. The ventilation system of the back, the barrigueira setting and the unique compartment for hydration system are large differentials.

The Deuter AirContact Pro 70 + 15 is excellent. It is made in the shape of a “U”, thus facilitating access to internal items. The zippers are big and glide with ease, even when the bag is packed with equipment. And the built-in raincoat at the bottom of the bag was a big deal.

She’s not a lightweight backpack, because it was designed to handle heavy load. The output of the hydration system is what bothers me the most in time to pack his bag for trekking, but always works.

Although the backpack is 70 + 15, she still has over 12 litres in side pockets. Therefore, it is a backpack of 97 liters, intended for people who want a quality product for their outdoor activities, mainly treks, crossings and expeditions.

The product has the approximate cost of R$ 1,400.00.

Where to Buy

The backpack can be found in the store high mountain and in other shops of the segment.

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