Deuter-Orbit 5 Reg Sleeping Bag Reviews

Deuter-Orbit 5 Reg

Shell: Deuter Dura Lite RS

Cloth: Deuter Soft Micro

Filling: Deuter Thermo ProLoft® (polyester fiber transformed into highly technical fleece)

Construction: double layer of thermo-welded wadding (stitched upper layer outer fabric, the lower layer fabric interior).Functional hood with two different elastic cords. combinable bag full YKK zip on anti-cold flap, inside pocket, shoulder collar.

Temperature comfort woman: 0 ° C

Human comfort temperature: -5 ° C

Extreme temperature:-23 ° C

Weight: 1575 g

Retail price: € 112

Our opinion: For a sleeping bag exhibiting a rate under 100 euros, you can hardly find more successful. Orbit -5 This is a perfect example of the good that can be said about the synthetic, the impression of strength that emerges really inspiring confidence. And if the discomfort is often the major criticism of the synthetic sweetness is here waiting for you thanks to internal tissue that has proven to be one of the most enjoyable that we were given to test. Another strong point is the flexibility of the lining which, combined with a perfectly tailored fit, offers maximum ease of movement, doing almost as well as some hair products. Accessory side, no frills, it’s simple and very effective. We love the generous Velcro closure of the collar and inner pocket, even if it is only a detail, is very easily accessible thanks to its low position.And at no time have we had cold. End up storing in the morning: the compression is easily done (another benefit of the flexibility of the lining), clutter generated is reasonable even if your bag to be worn outside of the backpack. The dream for small budgets.