Different Types of Military Jackets

The military jacket through the ages

Originally intended to recognize his companions of weapon on the battlefield, and also distinguish enemies, military jacket has evolved over time to allow soldiers a better range in their movements. While colours have evolved, khaki was finally adopted, much more discreet, in the 19th century by the British army. It is this color that remains emblematic of military uniforms that we know.

Different Types of Military Jackets

But far from military camps where the uniform is an obligation for the engaged in the army, the military jacket is now emulated at the followers of fashion. And if the Army fought long to maintain the prestige of the military suit, it is clear that derived outfits make many followers in the civilian population.

The M-65 jacket

Among the most emblematic military jackets, impossible not to mention the M-65, used by soldiers during the Viet Nam war and feature of American GIS. This khaki jacket, a mixture of nylon and cotton, has 4 pockets on the front and on the hips, closes with pressure and a rope around the size. Its popularity is its appearance in many American films, making that strengthen its prestige.


Just like the M-65, the bomber jacket has been popularized through films and stories about the Viet Nam war. This bomber jacket is mainly composed of nylon, much lighter and more convenient than its original leather version. Its marketing to the general public began in the 1960s and has been a craze with including the release of the movie Top Gun in the 1990s.

The camo

If the Camo appeared among the military to blend up in nature and go unnoticed in the eyes of his opponents, he now lets get visible to the eyes of all. This pattern began to be used in the mode at the beginning of the 20th century, in order to break the monotony of United outfits too classic.Today, men wear these patterns on all types of jackets in order to reinforce their masculine side and stand. There are even reasons “camo” colorful… who do not really have to hide themselves. Anyway, we’re far from the original lattice.

The trench

Elegance does not necessarily and yet: the trench coat is a full-fledged military jacket. His translation proves it: “trench jacket”. This jacket once worn by the senior ranks of the Army (particularly in the trenches of the first world war) is modernised and is part of the classic menswear, for a sober and dressed outfit. Burberry has made his iconic piece.

You see, no need to adopt a 100% army look to wear a military jacket: urban and manly with the bombardier, spirit jacket British chic style with the trench or eccentricity with the camo pattern. There is really something for all styles!