Dior Makeup Tips

Recently the Great Women had the privilege of attending the event “Beauty on the Road”, held by the Perfumery and Dior Cosmetics Period. In the company of 10 bloggers and their readers, we participated in a very special meeting, led by Dior makeup artist Ricardo Cosenza.

Everything was prepared with great care and the event was flawless! We had the opportunity to test numerous products from Dior, to know more about the launches and of course, to receive from Ricardo several makeup tips. Firstly the makeup artist – who is a sweet person – explained us about the concepts of the brand and then gave a makeup class divided into modules: face, eyes, cheekbones and lips.

But let’s talk about products! The ones from Dior will rock and really are of quality, guaranteeing a wonderful effect. I chose my favorites to share with you! We know that yes, the products are more expensive, but some investments are worth it. On the Cosmetics Season website, for example, you can buy the products and install them. Incidentally, at the end of this post, you can buy Dior products at the Cosmetics Season website at an exclusive discount!!!

Let’s go to my favorites:

  1. Quinteto 5 couleurs design-color 708-Amber Design. This quintet has four shades in different textures, one of which has the most fantastic shine I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a surreal glow. And the coolest detail is that one of the shadows is actually a folder eyeliner that has a great effect and is super easy to pass.
  2. Quinteto 5 couleurs design-color 008-Smoky Design. Ever dreamed of making that powerful stare of magazines? Use this product. It has the same components I mentioned above, only in different colors.
  3. Dior Poudre Shimmer-003-Powder illuminator. Do you know that super bright and bright face you see in magazine pictures? Well … try this product and see the sensational result it gives!
  4. Dior Show Iconic Mask – elongates and gives volume without leaving the eyelashes glued together. The end result is divine!

Some make tips from Ricardo Cosenza:

  • Choose the base color on your own face or on the inside of the arm.The color that fades into your skin will be the ideal;
  • Primer is a makeup tool that helps prepare the skin for a more natural and homogenous makeup finish;
  • Before you start to makeup, moisturize and wipe your skin well for a better result;
  • Follow this procedure: hydrate the skin, pass the base, then the corrective and finish with the powder;
  • Choose more moisturizing bases for a more natural result;
  • The Dior airflash base eliminates the use of dust;
  • If liquid base is used, pass the concealer after the base.If using another type of base, pass the primer first;
  • To delineate the inner part of the eyes, use kohl pencils for a better result