DIY Picture Frames and Hangers

Hello friends, I open this post to upload pictures of the latest chorradicas I just did and continued doing, to entertain and hang out at the moment will show the most serious a frame or box for the photo of a girl with which I am happily married, heh, heh a melamine board.

  1. To reduce the weight I removed a box.
  2. With a remainder of DM I made a marquito to put the photo canvas
  3. Crumpled paper texture for extend carpenter white tail sticking paper we doing to our taste texture
  4. And let it dry
  5. Once we remove the excess with dry sand or lime passing over the edge

Then apply one or two coats of shellac, is waterproof and very well sealed, ready for a technique vitrified painting I liked, but I could not hold, because in stained glass painting no silver which is what better going to a photo in black and white. I tell this technique it is: at once removes the shellac is applied by a lacquer pieces water-based rubber, which I have not found, forming a puddle then is getting stained glass painting of two colors with a stick to drops and two brushes does one for each color? we intermingling and is a vitrified effect once removed.

This is the effect remains, I would have liked to do it with silver and a tone that was well.

The test made with shellac mixed with water and even that is not supported, since shellac is alcohol and formed a tuck on the bottle I applied it and it worked. In the picture is not seen very well but there remains a precious effect.