Do Not Feel Like the Pajamas?

If you want anything other than not having to get out of his pajamas, we have good news for you. Designers have heard your pleas and spring collections included pieces reminiscent chemise and nightgowns.

It is clear to us that you do with that desire thought differently. Instructions on how not to have to leave the bed every morning, but unfortunately we do not. What you however we can offer, are five tips to help you with this “night” trend advice.

Undershirt or camisole?

The easiest way to this trend sneak into the wardrobe, the purchase of vests that reminds chemise. The trademark spaghetti straps, lace and lightweight fabric. If you want to preserve the delicate character tank top, combine it as a stylist with airy skirt. Powdery duo then calmly significantly disrupt or clutch purse.

Twenty-four hours in pajamas

Love flowing pants with a wider leg? Put them even extended satin top. From one jumpers so you can dress up in the morning straight to the second (though obviously not a true nightwear). The set can complement a classic trench coat, heels and a stylish handbag. Now that you tighten your neighbors that you actually overslept :-).

Dress à la slips

If you, as they say sleepwear, recommends we try the maternity pajamas in a similar vein. To be in short dress with lace hems did not feel like naked, think of the top layer and reach for a coat or jacket casually. Well it will look particularly at longer oversized style. Heels leave time at home, short dresses best complement shoes or low sandals.

Remember the old days

Maxi dresses reminiscent of a long nightgown that he loved the generation before us. If they puts on high heels and add a love letter, you can go straight to the company. Dress up but certainly not hide a “better” opportunities. In combination with fine sandals unosíte is also within the ordinary week.

Extremely lightweight shorts

Once properly warmer, they come in handy. Satin shorts, usually accompanied vest were often sold as a kit for night summer night. Those that chose stylist Ivana Pražáková, but not for sleeping. If you add Tope shorts with thin straps, again, it is worth adding something extra – should be extended sweaters vest.

How do you like this seasonal trend? Write to us!