“Do Not Use Internet Explorer,” Says German Government

The latest breaches of security guards discovered in Internet Explorer, which came to light after the threat of Google to leave the Chinese market after some user accounts of human rights activists were invaded by Eastern hackers, they made ​​the Information Security Office German government to warn all the country navigators who avoid using any version of Microsoft’s browser (6, 7, 8 and up to 9, still in the testing phase). In its official statement, the government office says that browser was the “common thread” in all invasions or attempted invasions recorded across the world.

The agency points out that Microsoft itself acknowledges that its program is showing some security flaws that could compromise the privacy of its users and recommends that instead the navigator prefers competing programs, such as Firefox (currently the web browser used there) Chrome, Opera and even Safari, made ​​by his arch-rival Apple.

In turn, the company of Bill Gates defends himself by saying that the risks to ordinary users are “low.”

Thomas Baumgaertner, a company spokesman in Germany points out that “the recent attacks against Google had certain goals and very specific motivations” and that “there were no recorded attacks on ordinary people in other parts of the world.” “There is no threat to the absolute majority of Internet users, and therefore do not agree with the government’s recommendation,” added the network BBC.

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  • Firefox is the most used browser in Germany

Already security experts have shown to be concerned about the new failure. “The code that made ​​the Chinese machines were hacked already fallen on the Internet, and Microsoft still can not release a fix for the problem, which means that everyone is now a potential target,” said Graham Cluley, company Sophos, the British network.

Anyway, since the case became public Microsoft is asking users of Internet Explorer adjust the security level of your browser to “high” as well as, of course, ask that everyone keep their operating systems and properly updated antivirus. But Cluley, this may not be enough: “They are still analyzing the first version of the Chinese malware, while new versions are being created,” he adds.

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