Do You Dare with Pink This Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011?

Mix between the red and the white color is born Rosa, associated from ancient times with the femininity. Perhaps because it is an emotionally relaxing color that affects the feelings and turns them into nice, soft and deep, or at least that they say the colorterapeutas, that there are. Although long ago time than men, at least a few, do not have prejudices against, and you can be very male and wear pink, or not?

This season in addition to greys and blacks, wear color and uploaded tone; Red, Orange, green and assumptions, roses. Some designers have become champions of such risky tone, today reviewed the best proposals dyed pink. And you do you dare?

Pink preepy by Michael Bastian

The New Yorker Michael Bastian describes your fashion as a modern, luxurious and comfortably familiar deconstruction, and is that their collections are almost always based on rescue classics the dress male adapting them at the present time, either in shape, color, or texture.
This fall presents men preepy very casual, and with certain Collegiate air. Shirts, pants, as a sailor cardigan or even in American print detail, Bastian men’s pink dress and also not hesitate to combine it with pinstriped, tartan or even faded tye-dye.

Acid psychedelia in Ana Locking

Spinning Destiny is the name of the collection which is inspired by the game ‘paintbox’, in which colors revolve and are mixing, being only the destination is responsible for the final result. Looks futuristic finishes clean and very sharp, the toledan bet by the Fuchsia very intense almost acid, a proposal of very well cut pieces that are perfectly attached to the male anatomy.
Technological fabrics of satin finish, psychedelia of colors with black base that is accentuated in klein blue, turquoise and aquamarine stones, nudes and mink, yellow and orange and Fuchsia above all, long Fuchsia. In total looks, shoes or as abstract psychedelic pattern of pictorial reminiscences, and is that it should not be forgotten that in addition to designer, Ana Locking is photographer, graphic and visual artist multidisciplinada, always very well related to fine arts.

Minimalism pink chewing gum on David Dolphin

The minimalism of David Dolphin is never boring, its simplistic style, it is also retailer, Although they seem to both be antagonists. In this collection the seams are displaced, fabrics such as wool, cotton, the angora or cashmere blend with great success.
Black, yellow ochre and pink Fuchsia are three tones very dolphin, and it is that no one better than Malaga for versioning wardrobe classic, turning them into items of desire for the modern more fashionistas. David has a very peculiar style, and best of all is that it never disappoints his fans.

Prada pink and Coral point

Miuccia Prada know very well how to play with the proportions of the body, perhaps that is the reason why and giving funny nod to a fairly austere collection of clasica-basica inspiration and pulling a very formal, it has decided to go for fun prints or shortening jerseys off pink or Coral, For example.
Straight and with many fall, moccasins with bib and many clips pants tricot point they are the protagonists of a parade of air retro with outfits for a slightly cheeky clerk.

Pinkish multiestampado Custo Barcelona

It seems that slowly and with much work Custo Dalmau It is removing that tag of ‘camisetero’ (so possibly their efforts with these last few seasons costumes), who so associated is his figure. Although its effort of stamping everything what goes through their hands, is still one of their main motivs leit, and very well that makes, not losing identity.
And but, just need to keep an eye on her latest collection, where sets of printeado wallpaper with gray background is splashed whites, greys, Browns and even red.
Who said? “do not mix stripes with pictures”, or “with perpendicular diagonals, never”, in the case of the catalan anything goes if it is to stamp.

Bohemian Fuchsia on Iceberg