Dresses for Back to School

That’s it, it’s sad but the summer is gone. Goodbye mojitos frozen sipped on the beach, farewell nights to dance until the end of the night. Welcome leaves falling, rain, wind, snow… And yet no, rejoice! Because: that says September, says new autumn-winter collection and that, it smacks! And yes, it is the comeback and the new 2016 dresses are simply to fall! So quickly discover our new collections of Baltimoda dresses and make your selection of dresses for a truly canon fashion re-entry.

Guns dresses super trendy materials
The 2016 comeback sees land dresses of all colors but above of all the materials. And our favorite is of course leather! Terribly sexy, it is available on all the cuts as well in total look with the dresses in leather but also the dresses imitation leather (cut very close to the body, no more fatal woman) or more wise with leather skirts (And imitation leather skirts of course).
On the color side, the dresses take beautiful autumnal shades. You will be able to shopper of incredible dresses camel, beautiful gray pencil robes, very nice dresses red burgundy red, but mostly dresses blue you want it here! Because blue is THE color of the season, it is available on all models: blue suit, blue wedding dress, blue sheath dress, you will be spoiled for choice by PETSINCLUDE!
New best shopper now
There is a piece we already knew, but that was specially revisited for 2016 returned the woman combination. Already before that if you did not own at least a small combishort you had missed a real basic, but now go out without her wetsuit pants blend has become a fashion faux pas! Especially since the reentry of 2016 was inspired by real outfits bikers to concoct you women combinations ultra-tight and ultra sexy.
New cuts dresses all who dare
In addition, this fall, the dresses are adorned with the most cuts worked to draw very beautiful patterns and put your bare skin. So you will be able to fill your closets with dresses with bare shoulders, naked back dresses and dresses with truly deep cut-outs. Even the famous little black dress is adorned with cutouts as chic as sensual. So do not lament more of the end of the summer and fill up of dresses for the re-entry!