Dresses for Different Occasions

The dresses are basic wardrobe. They are very easy to wear everyday. Whether weekend to go to work or for a special ceremony, remember to wear juxtaposed with your favorite accessories. They are also very easy to juxtapose with boyfriend sweaters or more dressy jackets. Here are four occasions to wear them outside of work.

Dresses for Different Occasions

·The dress for the day

A must-have in her wardrobe! The dress that saves us the  day is a trapeze dress in a lightweight material. It is a good base to build you a style quickly in the morning when you do not have time! It is best to have several in your wardrobe. In summer, prefer it in a simple material like cotton or jersey; and in a basic color like gray marl or nude. It must be simple, without ornaments, buttons or zips. In winter, go for hot materials such as wool, and in beige or green emerald. Avoid the black choose, as I say black is worn by everyone and if it is bad, it can get very cheap!

Your dress should remain in basic forms, it is best to opt for forms trapezes above the knee, neck or crewneck U, long sleeves or sleeveless shirt. This way it will be easy to dress with a belt on the hips or a big necklace to the structure. You can also add a cardigan or sweater over in good color harmonies as explained here. Add a pair of boots in winter or running shoes in summer. Wear it with your coat, trench or denim jacket and you’re dressed in a simple and stylish outfit for the day.

·The little black dress for the evening

This is one of the few times you’ll hear me advise you to black! The little black dress is a must dress in your wardrobe. It is ideal for eating out or evening. Of course you can have several occasions for different outputs, but your dress must meet the following criteria to be perfect:

  • In a beautiful material: it is better to choose a quality material for the black dress takes to wash and that the material does not pill. Do not go out with a cotton dress! Instead, choose  silk, crepe silk or a fluid material such as viscose.
  • Above the knee: it is important that it is not too long because it must stay sexy!
  • Cinched at the waist: it must put your height in value and therefore be bent!Think about the hide-heart cuts that will highlight your waist and your cleavage.
  • Accessorised: your best pair of shoes, a large necklace, and a well-cut jacket!In winter, go for a pair of fancy tights and not mere opaque black tights to bring a creative touch to your look.

· The light dress for the summer

Nothing more comfortable and lovely hot weather a light sexy dress. Choose a bright or pastel color. You can have fun  with summer sexy dresses from the site (http://www.summerdressesstore.com/cheap/sexy-summer-dresses/) if you are quite fine.Go for cotton or silk for comfort. When buying, pay attention to the transparency possible material to light colors. Do not buy a dress unlined and transparent even if you think you can associate it with something else underneath. The purpose of this summer dress is to remain easy to wear while lightness. Also Vary the lengths and dare robes. This dress should be a bit bent at the waist. It can tighten at the waist with a cord, for example, but stay flared to stay comfortable. Also bet on necklines worked with collar and effects of materials like lace. At the beach or in town, you can accessorize to make dressed. She is great with a pair of ballet flats or clear leather sandals.

· The dress for a ceremony

Whether for a wedding, christening or anniversary, consider wearing a dress for the occasion! Once again, do not choose a black dress, which would be inappropriate. Choose the color and especially printed! Bet on structured dresses, which are dressed. If you prefer the united choose beautiful basic colors such as beige, anthracite gray, nude or while colors that contrast as a blood red, purple, emerald green, coral or lemon yellow summer.

This is the perfect opportunity to get a very formal dress. You have to honor your guests, and even more if it is you who are organizing the event! Do not hesitate to take the high road, you can wear a wide-brimmed hat in summer, hair jewelry in any season. A particularly ccessoirisez your dress color high-heeled shoes .Wear a pocket instead of your purse and statement jewels. Do not be afraid to do too much. Try to balance the volumes. If you wear a large necklace, no need to wear earrings or bracelets. However if you want to distinguish yourself and dare Creole earrings, keep your bare neck (no collar and no headscarf). Add a bracelet or a ring that are far enough away from your ears. Read my article on jewelry to properly coordinate your outfits.

What styles of dresses you like to wear? How do you accessorize? Feel free to leave me comments on this article and to ask me questions about your outfits! I’d be happy to answer them!