D’Vinna Bags

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a Gaucho handbags designer that left me very impressed, the D Vinna Bags. Truest proof of what I’m saying is that I’m dating a model to tow days ago. Do not take any selfie my purse because I’m pretty much tired of these bloggers selfies in front of the mirror making faces and mouths of your best angle and posting everything you wear.

D'Vinna Bags

In journalistic jargon, we would say that the bloggers want to be more than the news (my God, how do you want to …). In this case, the news that’s not me. And as a journalist, I follow my professional mantra and show the stock exchange;


I thought the D Vinna well just by the fact of divine rescue the tradition and the art of working the leather handbags differentiated in the midst of a world that has surrendered the Chinese copies of cheap handbags from NYFW, according to Handbagpicks. Plots in tressês, barbicachos and fringes are highlights of the collection that was recently launched and full of details that mark the production hand made.

Another highlight of the scholarships Of Vinna appears in functionality. All models come with internal pockets and dividers that help in the organization. I know what I am talking about that never found things so quickly inside a bag. The animal print lining is a free and shows all care of the finishing mark.


With Option To Shorten Or Lengthen The Chain Strap

The D Vinna is the first brand of a family group of companies who have joined together and have specialized in the manufacture of handbags and accessories. Formed by TaGorá, and Vinna Bitale, Novo Hamburgo, the group builds up more than six years of experience in manufacturing of high quality products

The good news is, now get this: several costume designers of novels Globe went ordering Of Vinna handbags for the characters to use in the scene.


This model is called Luna, and the costume designer Helen Gastal requested recordings outside the new novel of 9:00, which is called Babylon. They haven’t said which character will use. Place your bets!

This is Giovanna and should enter soon in Empire, but in off-white color.

The Vinna watermark is new, has launched your first collection in September, but the company already has experience with production of bags and accessories for other brands. Now, decided to launch his own brand. The bags arrive in stores in late November.