eBay Officially Arrives in Brazil

Today eBay officially started its operations in Brazil. The test was started last year with the app eBay Fashion, which featured products from Brazilian brands and prices in reais. Now the e-commerce platform comes with translated site values ​​in our currency and a complete application.

For this app, you can make purchases directly from the smartphone or tablet (there are versions for Android, iPhone and iPad), which is especially interesting for the company, since Brazil is the country where mobile purchases more grow.

However, the main advantage for Brazilians who buy on the site should come on delivery. With the arrival of the site here, Brazil is now considered part of the global eBay rendition program, which makes purchases made here are treated as domestic out there. So, enough to pay for real value of the product with import and freight rate, avoiding another tax when the goods enter the country.

Delivery time is also dramatically reduced: via Fedex, the goods take up to 10 days to arrive. But at first made only US sellers purchases fit into this picture.

Brazil is the first country in Latin America to receive the operation of eBay and despite having not released exact figures of investment, the company says that last year alone, there were 500 000 new users of Brazil on the site. The next step is to expand the market and attract more emerging countries that do not have a very expressive representation, with shares in social networking and marketing.