Ecological Sunglasses

We’ve already seen ecological sunglasses made of recycled plastic, the truth is that almost all models of sunglasses are made of plastic material, so while they help us withstand the rays of the sun, their production is damaging to the Planet. Some designers have been looking for a more green solution, offering wood-based sunglasses: hemp, linen and kenaf.
When designing and producing these eco-friendly sunglasses , designers have aimed at a durable product that can handle a long life cycle so as to reduce waste production.

On the market there are wooden sunglasses, just think of models launched a few years ago by Gucci. The problem is that these sunglasses are made of precious wood, sometimes wood comes from tropical forests. The Ecological Sunglasses designed by the designer Marius Temming, make use of natural common fibers , easy to locate and above all, easy and immediate to cultivate. This is the common hemp, kenaf, a plate belonging to the Malvaceae family, similar to the most well-known hemp and flax fiber. These wood fibers, involved in an easy manufacturing process, create an eco-friendly , ready-to-use resin.

To build the frame , the designer Temming has thought of embedding the eyeglass structure, also a bioplastic clip, available in different colors. The clip works as a ” zipper” and allows you to change the look of your glasses quickly and easily. The addition of the clip aims to increase the life of the eyeglass life cycle: being customizable and ” changing” , the consumer instead of smoothing several pairs of eyeglasses will simply change the clips so they always match the gown that He is wearing.

The end product incorporates high-quality Carl Zeiss lenses and all the finishes made to the eyeglass frame are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, heat-resistant and do not cause sweat.