Effortless British

I love British fashion. A love I in the year with any Swedish fashion spreads. Never before, it seems to have frossats so in tweed and brogues as this season. Although obviously it’s gratifying that more and more may open their eyes to a very beautiful style, there is one big problem with reporting on British fashion. It contains far too much space and too little sense.

Fans of anglofilt fashion is happy to develop sore feet to go in weltd shoes and sweat in something for hot tweedkavajer. To a large extent defines just what British fashion is all about, namely, solid feel. A style associated with the function. And rain.

Unfortunately, the authenticity about to disappear from the mirror of this style. Instead of seeing to the soul portrayed British men’s fashion is often like a caricature. Not infrequently are fashion images created by a default template with a Land Rover, a British bird dogs, a bunch of young men in tweedkostymer and colorful stockings photographed in front of a mansion. Often the clothes so screwed eccentric that they become impossible to bear. If you are not named Bertie Wooster and live on the British countryside. 1920.

Even though I love the ärkeanglofila fashions which occur in such as Jeeves & Wooster, I am well aware that we live in a completely different time. Cannot copy this style straight off without the result is just a mediocre parody. But above all it is a style where it is not possible to compromise by simple shortcuts.

We Swedes are very talented to see fashion trend from a narrow perspective. If it someday becomes particularly apparent when British fashion portrayed. To package the British style in “autumn’s hottest mod targets stone” is to see only to the surface. Just as British fashion is something next season will disappear, it is a style that can only be considered to the surface.It’s a style that requires devotion.

But what perhaps is precarious with the reporting of this mode is that it does not have as much support in modern British style. Fashion journalists write about how pronounced catwalkmärken like Marc Jacobs or Dolce & Gabbana interprets the epitome of the British the dandy, but forget how domestic brands such as Kilgour and Aquascutum defines modern British style based on its historical heritage. It is hardly because they represent a conservative style of Savile Row-the tailor Norton & Sons has partnered with Kim Jones and Rag & Bone. For although we love below chaps so it is important to look ahead.