Elle UK Dakota Fanning Sparkles

Dakota Fanning is the new queen Elle Uk of the February 2012, the young Hollywood actress is growing up and this service is a confirmation of how Dakota is no longer a child prodigy, but an accomplished actress. Dakota Fanning is really beautiful in these photos for Elle, the British edition of the famous magazine dedicated the cover and a wonderful photo shoot, but also a nice interview in which Dakota also speaks of the little sister Elle. The photos were made ​​by the excellent David Slijper.

The Fanning sisters are really delicious, were runners-up of the US Vogue service on the best dressed sisters, undermined only by Olsen… but they are the favorite fashion magazines. Yesterday we saw Elle of Teen Vogue, and today here on Dakota Elle UK. We see the clothes worn by the sweet Dakota and then we find some excerpts del’intervista. In the Dakota cover photo wearing an outfit Louis Vuitton collar with lace, but we also recognize very well the creations of Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Jonathan Saunders. The Sangallo dress with pink lace with matching jacket is Prada, the transparent dress in tulle with velvet decor is Jonathan Saunders. Finally the silk dress and pleated color block seems to be of Jonathan Saunders for Escada Sport line that we saw a few days ago

Dakota admits that healthinclude is a plus size summer dress very experienced: “It ‘s funny, because when you’re an older sister, trying to lead by example, and I’ve recently had to accept that we are equal. The day came when I had to ask for his help. I had to admit it to myself, to force myself and say, ‘Sister, you think this is okay?’. “Dakota also tells of the passion he has for the Elle fashion:” It ‘s the coolest person in the family. Elle knows every single model, every single collection, every single piece of every single collection. He has a real passion, but not in a materialistic way. She sincerely appreciates the workmanship and creativity. “These two little sisters navigate their way…