Essential Makeup Kit

Hi girls, okay with you? After some time without appearing for the blog, Josie and I decided to post something which can be very useful to all of you who are starting in the world of makeup now, or even if you would like to keep the kit makes up to date with the latest trends. For this, I have prepared for you the “essential Make Up Kit”. This version I have formulated, ended up with high prices, however, are products of minimum durability of 1 year (for personal use), and that will leave you prepared to follow any tutorial to make the World Wide Web at

  1. Stay Flawless of Benefit. I found very interesting the proposal and I confess that I’ve never seen anything like it! You apply before preparing the skin with base and powder, and the layer is waterproof, simple as that. Worth the investment!
  2. Makeup For Ever HD Foundation. By far, the base with high coverage easier to spread that I’ve tested. I’ve never seen anything like it, nominate, recommend, use, and I’m in love!
  3. Naked Basics. Are you in doubt whether getting married or buy a bike? The Naked Basics prepares you for the two events. This Joker I consider essential in the life of a woman prepared for any occasion!
  4. Hoola Bronzing Powder. Health, summer air. Why go out with pale cheeks or roses sucks!
  5. They’re Real Mask.I met several good masks throughout my journey in the world of research makes, but this won my heart.
  6. Lipstick. Matte lipstick, because olhão, bronzer and mouth off.
  7. Eye pencil. Black eyes, and gone astray, please!
  8. Compact Powder. Best compact, EVER!
  9. Brushes. I have 2 kits of Pink Gloss. Use a lot, every day is worth every penny.

With these items, you can look beautiful for at least 365 days, I promise!! And believe me, your skin thanks you for quality products!

Found everything very expensive, the Pocket isn’t helping??