Essie Kate Middleton Nail Polish

Kate Middleton, neo happy bride of Prince William cute, inspired by his real beauty and elegance, the two new glazes signed Essie.

The big cosmetic brand, directed by Essie Weingarten, wanted to create these delicate, neutral shades that recall the unmistakable style of Kate, with its innate naturalness and that his modest spirit and inconspicuous, so restrained and romantic.

Both colors of enamels in fact play with the natural shades of pink. The Lady Like enamel is an elegant antique pink, a pink mauve with sophisticated metallic finish.

The other nuance that Glamor Purse is a seductive mole pink, pink with shades of gray, from pearl finish. The glazes are $ 8, but as seen from the web site Essie, on line stocks have already recorded a full house.

The founder Essie Weingarten says to always remain enchanted by the elegance of Princess Kate, by his dress sense and its classic look, for this wanted to create these two enamels dedicated to her.

Kate decided to wear the shades created for her during her marriage! Essie Weingarten she was so happy that he admitted he jumped for joy: “When I found out I screamed! We are so lucky! The royals have chosen to wear our colors in the most important day of their lives! ”

Now these glazes are desired by many fans of Kate Middleton and also by future brides for their wedding they want to wear a nail polish princess!