Everything to Know about Clocks

Request An Estimate of a Pendulum

The three points to appraise a pendulum

The clocks are clocks that use to swing extremely precise movement to indicate the time. While many models of clocks were produced throughout history, the clocks porticoes, cartels and the clocks in fireplaces are popular models by enthusiasts of old clocks.

  • Authenticate the mechanism of the clock

Beyond the aesthetics of the pendulum, it is especially the used mechanism which will especially take into account in order to give an estimate as to the value of the clock. Indeed, often recent pendulums are produced according to an old style with decorative title. We must therefore pay close attention to the authenticity of the pendulum and see if the original mechanism has been restored, modified or completely changed.

Furthermore, the mechanism must be in perfect condition for the pendulum is of certain interest to collectors. Finally, the clock will increase in value as more or less important depending on the complexity of the mechanism used. A pendulum that may indicate the phases of the Moon in addition to the hour will be more interesting than a basic model.

  • Determine the period of production of the clock

The clocks designed in the 18th century-and even before-are usually easy to recognize as watchmakers had the habit of signing their creations by engraving their names at the level of the mechanism. Of Louis XIV to Louis XVI, the signatures are present both on the mechanism and at the bottom of the dial of the clock before being abandoned by the watchmakers at the beginning of the 19th century. To differentiate a fake signature of a real, must examine the details. So, as the signature will be made to chisel, burning does not present evidence of rotating tools which suggests the use of modern production mechanisms.

Visually, the clocks Louis XVI are inspired by the ostentation of Greco-Roman antiquity when those of Louis XV appear more exotic with the representation of many animals and a more Oriental vision. As for the Louis XIV style, it is characterised by very elegant sober lines as well as a very rich decoration which operates reasons sometimes very complex.

The dating of the pendulum is particularly important to determine its price. For example, a pendulum swing veneered dating from the 19th century can be worth around 400 euros when the simplest models of the time of Louis XVI will easily reach 4000 euros.

  • The type of suspension used for the pendulum

The clock mechanism is largely based on the balance that is suspended to allow to create the clock movement. This piece allows also to date more precisely an old clock. You should know that the models produced prior to 1820-and overall more value-use a thread of silk for hanging the pendulum.Subsequently, the watchmakers will replace silk thread by a suspension to blade steel throughout the 19th century.