Exercises to Increase Flexibility

Will not become a contortionist professional, but it will certainly gain some agility.

Exercises to Increase Flexibility

The flexibility is more important than you might think. In fact, it is the one that helps you do your physical activity (and even the activities more day-to-day) in the correct form, and that avoids such unwanted injuries.


But if you thought that the flexibility was a subject that interested only the contortionists, know that you are mistaken. In addition to defining the quality and amplitude of their movements, the flexibility also helps to improve your posture, prevent certain diseases or improve breathing functions, for example.


Of course, you may want to take into consideration that throughout life there is a reduction of range of motion (or flexibility), but there are exercises that can delay this effect of age. Learn what are the exercises that can help increase your flexibility.



The Yoga is one of the best ways to work your flexibility and strength. And calmness, the flexibility is not a pre-requisite for practicing Yoga. Quite to the contrary. Any person can practice this sport and with time you will end up by developing the necessary flexibility to perform all the movements. Not to mention that will still stay in shape and with well-defined muscles and feel the benefits in your mood, which will improve a lot.


Here is a sport very complete. This is an activity that is good for the body and the mind. In addition to working your flexibility will still increase your strength, improve posture and contribute to improvements in the level of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory. The classes of pilates will help even the strengthen and tone the muscles.


If you want to increase your flexibility and like to dance have on hand a recipe for success. And not even restricted to one style of dance, you can choose the one that most appeals to you. And it’s not just the flexibility that will work. A dance class allows you to work the whole body. Not to mention that it is a physical activity quite relaxing.


One of the many benefits of stretching exercises (before and/or after physical activity, or even during the day) is related to its flexibility. In addition to prepare your body for the physical stress that the body will be subjected to during the sporting practice and thus avoid possible injuries, stretching exercises also increase flexibility and reduce muscle soreness. And the best part is that you can do them in any place and at any time. Even during the work day should take advantage of your breaks to do some stretching exercises and reduce tension and muscle stiffness.