Facebook Deletes Artistic Design Containing Nudity

And when a drawing done by hand is so beautiful, well finished, which comes to confuse reviewers who deal with this type of image every day? This is exactly what happened to an art university of New York, whose pictures posted on Facebook have been deleted because they too resemble the pornography.

“You have sent a photo that violates our Terms of Use, and this photo has been removed,” read the message that was seen by one of the university administrators. He was trying to climb student work for Facebook, in order to demonstrate how the works were made ​​by those who study in an institution founded in 1982. The result, however, it was not exactly the expected way.

The image in question is a drawing of a naked woman in black and white, you can see in the picture below. It’s not rare to find such images in museums, which only validates your existence as an art form.

Anyway, Facebook did please delete the image. And now, after the university publish an account of everything that happened, the social network went public to explain what made ​​a mistake. A spokesman for Facebook said that the design was so well done that was confused with pornography by the reviewers of the site, which led to the removal of the images.

Facebook also asked the artist to redo the upload that image to be erased this time. After all, Facebook may well serve as a portfolio for artists, photographers, designers and more. And the social network itself admits that many of his employees use your photos pages for this purpose.

But this case raises an interesting controversy. To what extent Facebook can simply delete content that seems disturbing, without talking to the responsible for the content? There are reports of other artists who did upload nude pictures, could not speak to the social network and still await an answer to their problems.

This, incidentally, is one of the main complaints of internet users who are fans of very large sites: it becomes almost impossible to contact the company if something is wrong. Doubt? Try to contact with Google to tell about a problem that specifically happened to your account.