Facebook Now Allows Editing Comments with Typos

Who participates in social networks has published a message with a typo or some nonsense. This is very common, but still there was an easy way to fix the problem on Facebook. Fortunately, the social network Mark Zuckerberg is releasing gradually a feedback edit button to solve one of the biggest problems of the modern world.

If you comment on a post from Facebook and regret later, simply click the pencil in the upper right corner of its publication. In addition to the delete button review, there will be an edit button. Clicking on an editable field with your text appears. Then press Enter to save the change or press Esc if you are undecided to the extreme and changed again idea.

According to The Next Web, some users have had access to the resource for some time, but they had 30 seconds to edit a comment after publication, sufficient time only to find a typo and correct the fault quickly. Now there is no such limit. To avoid confusion, Facebook will also display a link to the comment edit history.

Unfortunately, sites that use the Facebook comment system does not have the editing feature. The feature also does not apply to posts published in profiles or pages. In such cases, the only solution will remain the classical scheme to copy, delete, paste, edit and publish again.

Where are you, Twitter?