Facebook Profilvideos: Now Also On Android

Already in February, we reported that Facebook would gradually introduce the profile videosworldwide. Instead of a simple picture, you can now set short videos, which describe you shortly. Why? Because it is and because video and moving GIFs dominate the timelines in the social network. Simple images still work, of course, but Facebook has also found that videos seem to have a bigger attraction. These users are now also able to discover their own profile.

Facebook Profilvideos: Now Also On Android

In Short: 7 Seconds For Facebook Profilvideo

Your own profile video can be a maximum of seven seconds. So you do not have much time to introduce yourself or to greet your profile visitors. If you can not talk superhumanly fast, a middle sentence should be the only content you can bring in the profile video.

How To Create Your Own Profilevideo At Facebook:

  1. You update the Facebok app on your smartphone via mbakecheng.com. For Apple users the feature has been available for a long time. Android users must first update their app.
  2. Open your profile in the app and tap the profile.
  3. A submenu appears, where you can tap “Record new video”.Now you have seven seconds to get you as charming as possible. Alternatively, you can simply upload an already recorded video and set it as a profile video.
  4. Once the video is recorded, tap “Use”.Already your profile is replaced by the new video.

It is, of course, free to remove the video and to put it in its place again a simple photo. So much freedom you have at Facebook then but still.

In addition to the profile videos, Facebook has long been the so-called live videos, in which users can present themselves in the live stream. So far, companies and celebrities have learned to use this function. It should only be a matter of time until the feature is finally established among the private users.