Facebook’s Privacy Policy: No “Privacy”

You probably did not know but last Thursday (15) the Facebook published a possible change in the terms involving the privacy of its users. The changes were put in the air so that the members of the social network opinassem about them, saying it liked it or not and giving suggestions. The main one, which triggered a controversial discussion, is in the name: the terms are no longer called “Privacy Policy” but “Data Use Policy”.

Another of the most controversial change was the fact that, from the date on which the new policy is effective, your data may be accessed by applications even if you do not connect to it. If your friend has permission to view your data and connect to an application on Facebook, your data that the friend has access will be shared with the app, whether you like it or not.

Even in the new terms are new sessions that relate to programs offered by Facebook (like Facebook Messenger for Windows ) and the part where he referred to the profiles have been changed to “Timeline”. Already the services that social networking discontinued, like Facebook Deals, were removed from the proposal.

The proposed change of the terms was accepting comments until yesterday, but does not have a date to go into effect. According pointing CNN , the German version of the proposal is the one that received more comments contrary to it, with more than 36 thousand people commenting “Ich Lehne die Änderugen ab” which translates to “I do not accept the changes.” The Portuguese version of the proposal, available here, had around 50 comments until the publication of this post.

What does this indicate? Facebook seems to be more interested in dealing with your data than the privacy of its members, since the controls remain confused and numerous. If this is good or bad, do not dare say yet. Facebook has made several mistakes in the past, but learned from several of them. So I give the benefit of doubt.

But you can see for yourself all the planned changes in this PDF file (in red, underlined) in English.