Fashion Diary: Our Fashion Highlights

Where is just my phone? The anthracite-coloured suede leather bag by Miu Miu leaves deep look and plenty of room for speculation-fashion Assistant Carolina Ramsay takes it lightly. Here will find our weekly fashion diary at a glance!

Alternative to Pink: Lace jacket in perlite Rosé. Those eyes can lie? Beauty editor Sabine Rodenbäck practises in the eyelash strumming.

Time to time shut down-and be inspired. Melanie flowers: Fashion Editor Melanie Gaitor in the floral Bandeaukleid, grey Cardigan, and flip-flops.

Are learn: As you can see, the Annika Schmeding, Lesley Sevriens and Carolina Ramsay is not particularly difficult. And it even does not interfere with the white tops and jeans.

Skilfully threaded: Top patterned white jeans and himbeerroten Cardigan. This a pretty knotted belt. Yes, BRIGITTE and football, that fits perfectly together! Only at second glance. The men of the FC BRIGITTE really give everything!

Heart is through the stomach. And that’s why student apprentice Lilly goodbye made this Bärchenkuchen for us. Thank you! Outlaws: Fashion Assistant, Mareike Diettrich in the light blue top with batwing sleeves and bird print. This includes a matching scarf batik-look (both Zara).

Sun salutation: Modeassistenin Carolina Ramsay in sand-colored Chinohose, cream-white lilafarben patterned flutter top (Zara) and black gilded sandal. In addition; Details that inspire!

Self portrait. Instead of oil on Leinand-camera in front of the mirror: Black Jersey dress of to black leggings and flamingo-pink sandals (H & M). Hairlich! Fashion Assistant Sophia Costima in the expressionistic patterned location top and black leggings.

Visit: PR women Barthe (in the small grey and purple ankle boots) and Hohenfels (with kimono top, drop pants and green pumps). Happy (in) nature: Fashion editor Jana Kruse in the Plaid Shirt with Pearl buttons of courage (campus by Marc O’Polo Polo). Cute to do this-it simple Blue Jeans with Brown braided belt.

One of her dresses is green, green, Green: Emerald Bandeaukleid with sequin trim, matching sandals and denim short jacket. The suitable bling may not be missing too.

Fine checkered: Jodhpurs with high waist and narrow leather strap belt alternative-this brown leather sandals and a simple wooden Bangle. On next floor: Free Stylistin Ulrike Kache in skinny jeans, taupefarbem top, Puce flip-flops and Black XL leather case with zipper.

Sometimes you should extend its radius of action-even if only on the wall. Casual shoes, casual attitude-free beauty editor Angela Schoeneck into mauvefarbenen chucks and wide clutter jeans.

Red and white to go with, please!

Wall of fame: Here, all beauty Prakikantinnen be immortalized. White dress in linen-look in combination with barefoot. Here will find our weekly fashion diary at a glance!

Text: Lesley Sevriens photos: Annika Schmeding, Lesley Sevriens