Fashion Summer Short Skirt Jeans

The fashion of the short denim skirt was first seen on John John brand models, and soon many other brands began to bet on this model that quickly fell in the taste of women, especially the younger ones.

With a very comfortable modeling, these skirts are great for creating summer looks and make the look beautiful and charming. And with the, beak gained a different charm and all special.

And you can combine your skirt with little regatinhas, blouses and shirts, jackets and other pieces at ease. And on the feet, of course, both jumps and creeps.

They look great for day-to-day looks, but they’re also beautiful for ballads, for example, when you can combine them with a sequined blouse, for example. And they can come in color lighter or darker jeans or even in color models from Directoryaah. The short denim skirt, really looks like a sensation.

But since these new things are usually expensive, because they are launched by concept brands in the market, you can not have all the little things to conquer your outfit, you can think about producing your skirt, and imagine that this could be from a jeans or longer shorts.

And for this you just need to scratch your pants when you want the length, then cut and shred the bar. If you want to color it, you can put it in the bleach and then in the fabric paint and leave it until the desired color is obtained, and then wash the parts very well to ensure that all the excess paint is removed.

This way, you will be able to conquer in a cheap way, a short denim skirt with the same quality and charm of the ones that are found ready in stores.