Fashion Trends, White Pants Of The Stars [Photos]

The white pants are the latest trend of summer fashion and raving about the star . On the red carpet but also in the life of every day, the celebrity show off outfits in which matching white pants with tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts and jackets matching tones, creating a total look in white, or contrasting. The result? It is always superb because this (non) color is like black, even better, since it easily goes with everything and is much moresophisticated . Discover with us all the looks of the stars who love to wear white pants and learn to create the right outfit just like them!

Not always the stars can teach us how to achieve the right look, they too often make mistakes and copy their style is not at all a good idea. But when it comes to outfits or newspapers rather simple it is really hard to fall into the trap of bad taste. Pairing a basic head, then, is not a difficult task but each does so in its own way. You know how to combine the white pants at the It ranges from the elegant to casual, from casual to sophisticated, but each has its own style.

In summer many stars they take out white trousers, a real must for the summer.

In many, to avoid mistakes of course, but also to show off a cool look and refined, aiming at total white. Elisabetta Canalis loves white and wearing the simplest super slim jeans in a classic t-shirt; Ashley Tisdale breaks the monotony of the candor with contrasting accessories; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley prefers the purity of white, however, overdoing the top of the neckline, very deep; while Miley Cyrus prefers sporting estates, then legging and mini sweater for one style crop top , Taylor Swift loves to complete blazer and classic trousers to the ankle.

One of the combinations they prefer the star is what puts the n contrast white with black, big trend in fashion 2013 : Vanessa Hudgens bride on her pants off white mesh, from blacks boots and sunglasses; Pippa Middleton loves the sailor style and his smooth pant combines double-breasted blazer jackets; the seventies style is very appreciated by Miranda Kerrthat matches her paw model in a blouse from micro fantasy retro. Many stars combine their white pants in a colorful sweater, like Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria who prefer respectively red fire and the intense fuchsia. As you can see match the white pants it is really easy. Now you do not need to do is to experiment and find the style of the stars you prefer!