Fashion Truck “Powerful of Brazil”

Chicks!!! This new feature is to annotate the agenda jáaaa and don’t forget no way!!! The snips of C & to know of all the power of the Brazilian woman and is circulating the Brazil with the fashion “powerful Brazil” Truck, a truck beyond fashion, all stylish and with all the people amaaaa more inside!!! : The new collection, drinks, good music, enameling delights and best of all, the personal stylist and fashion producer, beautiful, divo and good people: Yan Acioli, who has already conquered our hearts ready divas productions as Sabrina Sato, Claudia Leite, Ivete Sangalo and many others. And he will be here in town Brunette talking to the women and giving tips on fashion and beauty! Gentyy can’t miss don’t heimmmm!!!

The Fashion Truck will park here in Campo Grande, in this Sunday, 07.09 on Avenida Afonso Pena, Brazil to town. From 12:00 to 6:30 pm. The purpose of the C & A’s show to the whole world brasileirice fashion. And wants to give voice to that we can show to the world our style full of borogodó!

Sure that I go running out there on Sunday to participate in TUUUDDDOOOO and enjoy this super cool proposal of C & A. That is what I advocate here at Hunch, have style, going out in style, it doesn’t have to be expensive! Vasundhara adorooo the findings that do in C & A. The luxury is in simple things, and not always means that you have to spend a lot of money!