Favorite Watch: Manfred Fritz

The Watch Journalist, The Book Author And The Watchstars Juror Holds His Long 1 In Honors

The time he measures with his watch is precious for Manfred Fritz. The watch journalist and book author does not think long when he is asked for his favorite clock: “If I could take a single island only one clock, it would be my long 1. ” And he adds: “I would wear it, however, only on Sunday, to feel it is a special day. ”

The connection between Fritz and Lange 1 is anything but ordinary. The clock was launched for the new foundation of A. Lange & Söhne in 1994. Together with Walter Lange and Günter Blümlein, Manfred Fritz helped to prepare the event with publications – and was thus also involved in the development of the Lange 1. In the development phase he belonged to the questioned target group, later he saw the first designs. When Günter Blümlein finally wanted to know what he thought of the clock, his answer was “unusual and unique”. “I said it without an overflow, but it was exactly what he wanted to hear,” remembers Manfred Fritz.”Then I realized what Blümlein meant with his credo of the German clock: values ​​that are not immediately visible and functionality without compromise. That stung me. ”

One of the first models built in 1994 by Lange 1 found its way to the watch journalist’s arm.Manfred Fritz also wrote two books, and co-authored a third. Blümlein brought the author into the boat, when in 1990 he set up the first series-produced Grande Complication as IWC managing director. In order to revive the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso 1991, a book was also created – and Manfred Fritz received the order. So the journalist deepened into the origins and peculiarities of these models – his personal favorite clock, however, stayed the long 1. If he does not wear them, another favorite finds the way to Manfred Fritz’s wrist.Because a day without a clock, it does not exist with him. “What’s the point?” Sk

The “favorite watch ” is an article series of the WATCH MAGAZINE about personalities with special reference to the mechanical clock. What is the fascination of mechanics? How do you come to terms with mechanical watches at all? What is this person’s favorite watch?These conversations – and sometimes completely different – are the subject of discussion.