Fishing In Honecker’s Nature Reserve

Of the 20th 24.9.2013, we were once again in our current absolute favorite setting on fishing: Drewitzer see. It is located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is part of the Müritzer Lakeland. For us Berlin easily in 1:40 h to reach. The entire 650-acre lake is only a single House, Erich Honecker’s former hunting lodge. From here he started his hunting and fishing trips with invited guests. The use was prohibited unauthorized. It is this circumstance resulted that there now exists a pristine paradise for anglers. The whole area has been declared a nature reserve and motor boats are not permitted on the Lake.

Today the Viverde hotel is housed in the “hut”. The peculiarity of Drewitzer Lake formed in the ice age is that it has no connection to the many waters surrounding it. By his seclusion, flora and fauna to evolve undisturbed. Who here fish enjoys clear water which reaches depths of up to 33 m. Here live prey fish en masse: smelts, Rudd, whitefish, bream, Roach and maybe even more. That tastes of course great bass and Pike. And we are here exactly because of them!

It proved difficult to outwit the fish the first two days and we started just sporadically. Then, on Monday after breakfast, we took our rowing boat (at the hotel for € 30,-per day or € 3,50 per hour for rent) and rowed in the direction of “Bird island”.

A small island on the protected birds breed is located approximately in the middle of Drewitzer Lake. We encounter large cabbage fields in depth of 1.5-4 m 50 m Southeast of the island.  We headed here gets ready for action. Daniel had settled to a new rod: Berkley, Urban – Camo 7 / 28 g 1, 95 m a medium action rod. On this day the rod is properly tested. Daniel is at the end of his 40cm long hard monofilament leader a 12 cm of dark brown fox quiver Shad. Pike was his main target fish. I whipped out my Crypton, shotgun LM 270 of quantum and started looking for a suitable bait. For me is always the weather and deciding the color of the water. I prefer generally rather small soft plastic baits.

When I spied him, I knew that he would succeed thousand percent: a shrinkage of city fin-S-fish-10, 2 cm Softjerks Pumpkinseed / Chartreuse. I wanted to bet with Daniel to € 10, that I would start, but he was too confident to respond. And I ejected barely had even the first bass tuned (26 cm). After surveying and compulsory photo I dismissed him again in freedom. Daniel and I never keep our catch. Before I could throw out again, there are even Daniels rod is bent. The professional recognized Pike on the nature of the train immediately.

At Pike, he takes always care to so that he can land it in gentlest way in the boat namely hand accordingly work out the fish. Said than done. In the photo, it is to see that the Pike of Lake of Drewitzer exhibit a particularly golden colour and are comparatively fat. After this event full first 10 minutes, we knew this would be an exceptional fishing day.

In the next two hours we fished together about 6 Pike and perch 5, all with maaß side, but no giant monsters. Nevertheless, I could set my personal record for bass fishing at I’m still beginner and for me, this is my second correct fishing season. Anyway, I’ve started a 67 cm Pike last year in Berlin at the Schlachtensee, and this time I’ve surpassed me by 2 cm. Some of you smile now, sure, but I am.

When then the rain at the same time, we were of course most considered just another end of the Lake from the hotel. Without motor, that means biting teeth together and go rowing. at least for Daniel because we but passed all our favorite spots, we had to anchor it several times and have a few litters. The reeds around us was now deafening howling in the wind and the dark clouds seemed close to the touch. The flow went exactly in the opposite direction. But with the prospect of warm chocolate cake with ice-cream for me and venison for Daniel we were fighting us satisfied and tired the last leg back. There is no bad weather, only bad food!