Flesh Colored Body Stockings

For me, the flesh-colored stockings are out and remain out.The beige-colored veil that envelops the legs, often giving a shiny effect and a very unnatural color to our end: too light or too dark, the eye aesthetics is disastrous. Yet, trendsetter listening, it seems that the flesh-colored stockings are making a royal return. Really royal!

Let’s go knock on the door of Buckingham Palace and prendiamocela with Kate Middleton that, since he made ​​his media entry along with sister Pippa (yes, she is under indictment), has managed to clear the taboo of flesh-colored stockings. I read on the net and it seems that some statistics Debenhams, a large English-stock, has stated that after the royal wedding, sales of stockings flesh-colored rose by 65%. Mark & Spencer instead said he came to sell about 40 pairs of flesh-colored stockings 10 denier … per hour!


Well, I think, it is an epidemic confined to England. But no, and trembles! Anna Dello Russo (Anna and I trust!) Said: “Kate Middleton has a old fashion style but when wearing flesh-colored stockings become avant garde. I think it has enough personality to make them modern. ” And, as it turned, even Beyonce, Carla Bruni, Beatrice Borromeo have already experienced this “new trend”. Some speak of returning to the fifties and then a seduction “chic lady”, as we are used to seeing in films in black and white. Ok, I admit, the greatest divas of the fifties the highs (and not the tights) flesh-colored does just its effect. But, catapulting his mind to 2011, and only thinking errors (or horrors), which can already be seen in the street in which they are put wear flesh-colored stockings (and I put myself between them, as a teenager I was also an addicted), an epidemic-trends of flesh-colored stockings could have disastrous effects for our eyes! And what do you think? Flesh-colored stockings in or out?