Flower Arrangement for the Wedding Decoration

For many occasions a flower arrangement is suitable as decoration. Depending on where the flowers are to be used, they are put together accordingly. The beauty of a flower arrangement is:you can design it according to your wishes. If you have a small budget or little space, it becomes a small flower arrangement, and vice versa:if you want an opulent flower decoration, this can also be implemented.

Not only the size of a flower arrangement can be selected individually, but also the flower color and flower shape.When choosing a flower you take care of the surroundings, the personal taste and, of course, the occasion.

The wedding is an occasion for which flower arrangements are by no means unthinkable. As wedding flowers, classic flowers such as roses, lilies or calla are often preferred, according to ejinhua.

But also summer flowers like margerites or hydrangeas in a flower arrangement are particularly popular in the summer months from May to August.

Flower shops, which will make you the perfect flower arrangement for your wedding and look after your floral decoration , you will find in our business book.

We have put together tips and ideas especially for flower arrangements on the table in our detailed article table decoration for the wedding.

However, you can also make a small set-up, as in our DIY manual “Farbenfrohe Tischdeko im Frühling”.

Flower arrangement for the wedding – Which flower has meaning?

Flower arrangement with roses – The rose is the queen of flowers.Like no other flower, it stands for love.Especially the Red Rose has a certain statement: I love you!

Flower bouquets with Callas – Callas captivate by their elegance and simple beauty.For this reason, Callas are often incorporated into a flower arrangement.The Calla is also considered the symbol of immortality.

Flower arrangement with carnations – The Carnation was the fashion flower par excellence in the 1950s.Today the carnation is experiencing a renaissance.Red carnations are to promise glowing love; white ones stand for fidelity.Due to their good durability one likes to use carnations in a flower arrangement.

Flower arrangement with orchids – Similar to the Calla, the orchid is a sign of perfect and immaculate beauty.It stands for admiration and appreciation.

Flower arrangement with lilies – The well-scented lilies stand above all in white for pure love and a pure heart.Lilies are also suitable for a larger flower arrangement due to their large flowers.

The Margerite is known as a love oracle:he loves me – he does not love me – he loves me … She stands for happiness and unadulterated goodness.

Flower arrangement with peonies – A great seasonal table decoration.We have the right manual for you!