Foundation or Concealer First

What to put first of foundation or concealer? It ‘a question that in many place themselves at the time of the make-up face draft. So today we decided to do some ‘clarity on this subject in order to understand concomitantly, depending on the requirements, which apply between first before concealer or foundation, it is more appropriate to have a perfect complexion.

A good basic face is crucial to correct discoloration, smooth the skin, hide pores, cover pimples, blemishes, wrinkles and signs of aging.

In general, the more “correct” application involves first the use of the foundation and then the concealer, simply because the foundation has properties unifying covering discolorations, dark circles and blemishes and this is helpful in making the skin more homogeneous and compact disguising the small flaws. Before applying the concealer foundation you can easily identify areas that require extra intervention by the corrector, which will help us to permanently remove the defects without exaggerating and maintaining a natural effect, which is that which is rigorous bet when you want to create a nice base face.

Recall that the foundation color should be as close as possible to our skin tone to avoid coming off the neck and give us a healthy air and natural. Concealer, if applied after foundation, must be of a similar color to the complexion while respecting the undertone, and above all must strive to orange to erase dark circles around the eyes, while it may be more neutral in case you have to cover small signs or scars.

The foundation can be applied with the hands, with specific sponges, cat’s tongue brushes, duofibre or by the “flat” bristles, and in the same way also the corrector, although in this case the best results are achieved by tapping directly on the product affected area with small touches: in this way the heat of the finger tips (the indicated finger is the ring finger, the finger that performs less pressure) will make better adhere to the product on dark circles or pimples.

Finally the trick is useful  a veil of powder, which further evens out the complexion. The powders can be minerals, powder, compact or transparent, the only care, however, is to avoid the light formulas, which could highlight the imperfections so painstakingly covered, and those too full-bodied, which especially in the area around your eyes may tend to highlight the fine lines of expression. To overcome this problem in the market there are many very fine powders specifications for the eye area, which in addition to homogenize the base it smoothes the appearance in a very visible.

The concealer is applied before foundation in the case of major discoloration, which must be treated with specific colored concealers: green for redness picked, orange to dark circles grayish blue, yellow to purplish dark circles and purple in the case of olive trees and colorful / or looking off. Naturally colored concealers only and should only be applied in limited areas, where there are discolorations and without excess. Also in this case the application must take place by means of specific brushes or even better with the fingertips, which as already said make the products more malleable and adherent to the skin.

After the concealer it puts the foundation, which in this case should be applied with gentle movements by tapping it to even out the skin and not “carried away” the corrections made ​​previously with colored concealers. In the case of really fixes very conspicuous, and can deal with overlaying more layers of corrector fixed by light of powder touches transparent: in this way the effect will be very opaque and durable!

Moving on to powder formulations, always with respect to the subject  which first apply concealer or foundation, we suggest you use before the correction and then the foundation for a more natural effect, especially if they are applied in wet form to be more intense and writers . In this way the powder foundation, which often is mineral of course, will go to fix the color giving us a good coverage throughout the day.

Finally, always remember that it is important to choose the ideal formulation for your skin type and your type of needs of the moment and make sure that it is one of the foundation that that of the corrector can “agree” to give us a effect that is as natural as possible.

In this sense it is therefore appropriate to consider that the liquid foundation marry better with correction fluids, as well as those powder give its best in combination with correctors in the same form, although of course nothing prevents us to experiment until you get the formula that best satisfies us.

The  liquid formulations are the most common, along with the creamy, and are suitable for  dry to normal skin, while those in powder are ideal for skin  Combination to oily, although it is important to be careful when applying because the powder products, as well as those very creamy and dense, they can highlight the small defects, especially in the eye area.

The make up of course is not a perfect science, and it is appropriate to “play” with our products in order to find the combination that will satisfy us, however on concealer or foundation, which applied before, try basarvi on the rules that will we recommended in this little guide.

What you think of our tips on what to put first among “concealer or foundation”? We really hope they can be useful! Do you have other secrets that you know and want to share with us? Do not hesitate to write to us and let us know your opinions!