Galaxy S6: Apple Responds To iPhone 6 Photo-Comparison

Not twelve hours after Samsung’s presentation of the S6 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 edge Apple responds. Although the company from Cupertino is not represented at the MWC, but challenged in the course of product presentation with a photo-comparison between images plus Samsung Apple of the new Galaxy smartphones and those of the iPhone 6. Apple has now reacted and assembled his own product page to the iPhone 6 with new photos on

On Sunday evening, Samsung in Barcelona at the large unpacked 2015 event presented its new smartphones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. A not insignificant part of the presentation focused on the new camera, which works with a 16 MP sensor and a new lens. A special ability, resulting from new construction, according to Samsung is capable of spectacular shots in low-light conditions. Under murmuring in the audience, the Koreans then launched a photo comparison, where images of the Galaxy S6 in addition to those of the iPhone 6 plus on the wall were thrown.

Samsung Dominates The Darkness

Photo comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S6 cut off much better, after all they were in but also at a product presentation of the Korean manufacturer. He also guaranteed that any images without special effects had been recorded and subsequently not changed. An important detail of the matter must not be neglected: for the photo-comparison with the iPhone 6 Samsung only pictures attracted, taken in low-light conditions.

Galaxy S6 Apple Responds To iPhone 6 Photo-Comparison-1

Apple has now, just a few hours after the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S6, his own website ( “iPhone 6 world Gallery” updated and equipped with many new and fantastic shots. Although the pictures make it clear quite what are possible for excellent photos with Apple’s Smartphone, but missing the closer look such photos, as she showed Samsung, almost completely. Only a few shots of Apple’s flagship album have been made at all in low light and you who are, seem quite a bit darker than that of the Galaxy S6. What do you mean to compare?

Galaxy S6 Apple Responds To iPhone 6 Photo-Comparison-2