Game Developers Begin to Abandon Google+

A year ago Google made ​​a fuss to introduce Google+, its final trump card to fight Facebook in the competitive world of social networking. After 12 months without the web structures have been shaken, some companies begin to leave the boat (social) web giant.

According to the website All Things Digital, the developer of games Wooga already turned the game Monster World from Google+ and other titles will follow the same path until July 1. Already PopCap, a division of Electronic Arts powerful, also confirms that Bejeweled and Blitz will be switched off from Monday (18). The Wooga and Popcap are respectively the third and fourth largest companies of games social Facebook, where they go very well, thank you.

“We decided to remove certain games from Google+ because we have a lot more users on Facebook, which are also much more active,” said Wooga the site. Already PopCap preferred to be a bit more diplomatic in saying that “turned the games on Google+ to redeploy resources and make other adjustments”, saying it will continue to develop titles for the platform (but without making major promises).

Without the games Wooga and EA’s titles, the humble Google+ games library will count módicas 40 choices on the menu, with the consolation that blockbusters like Angry Birds, CityVille, Zinga Poker and Mafia Wars 2 still available there.

In its release, among several reasons Google+ caught the attention of social game developers to stay with only 5% of the proceeds from the games, while Facebook takes 30% of the money for themselves.

No one asked my opinion, but I see Google+ as a good tool and adequately integrated into services that more use (basically, everything from Google). Decreeing that it is a failure 12 months after its launch may be a feature of this time that everything must demonstrate brilliant results immediately. Users of tired MySpace, Orkut and other services that were once untouchable kings, and one day perhaps leave Facebook (which was number 2 in Brazil for years). And, who knows, Google+ will become the flavor of the month, until it becomes too popular and also fall by the wayside.