German Researchers Develop Drone Powered By Smartphone

The drones are one of the major trends in technology and promise to continue to be so as are being introduced innovations to the robots. A team of researchers at the University of technology of Vienna has developed an autonomous drone that is “powered” by any smartphone.

these are two aspects where the quadricóptero is distinguished. This means that the ship is not linked to any external computer, nor driving mechanism, by which also dispenses the human control of the stock.

the team of researchers has been working for many years in the area of visual recognition and it is in this aspect that the drone who developed is different from the others: How can attest in the following video, through recognition of signals on the ground the robot travels all over the carpet. The goal is in the future can make a path with obstacles.

plus the ability to recognize the path for where to go, the robot is a low-cost and uses a smartphone as the main source of features: the camera is used as visual recognition sensor while the processor acts as the control center.

As reveals the research team in a statement, the smartphone acts as the eyes and the brain of the equipment. All programming was assembled in an application that was installed on the mobile phone to be used via

researchers group called Virtual-Reality-Team believes that there are practical real-life examples where the robot can be used, such as recognition of a burning building to help the firefighters.

the UAV concept-autonomous unmanned aircraft-is further reinforced with the example of the German drone.

Also the Portuguese Azorean decided to innovate the concept of drone and developed the Ziphius, an aquatic robot equipped with cameras that enables both a maritime exploration as part of entertainment with augmented reality games.

Another Portuguese company, SkyEye, also is developing a business in the area of UAV and the results have been positive, as the TeK already realized.

writing Note: have changed the terms “fed” in the text at the suggestion of a reader and in order to clarify that the smartphone is the centerpiece of operation of the drone, and not the main source of energy

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