Gift Exchange – 5 Ideas for the “Amiga Panties”

Christmas is coming, it’s time to get the whole family and friends together for the get-togethers.

And to realize this climate of unity and harmony, the hidden friend can not miss.But how about getting out of the obvious?

The idea is to bet on gift exchanges with themed parties.Whether in the family, at work or between friends;in case here, friends.

Our tip: Friend Lingerie or Amiga Panties.Unlike the lingerie tea in which only one person, in case the new mommy gets present, here the exchange, of course, will be in women’s underwear.What about men’s? Click

The result will be lots of laughter and satisfaction from the partners, who in this case will also be presented.

Do not know where to start?Check out these tips:

In Amiga Calcinha, just like in the traditional game, you must also draw the names.Do not want to distribute little papers?Okay, today you can find online raffles.

Bregada, say nothing
Without fear, dare the colors of the decoration. Invest in vivid hues such as red, yellow and orange. To finish:móooooooito brilliance! The moment asks! Rude accessories to compose the woman’s look is also a good suggestion or, each wear a panties on the head. Imagine selfie!

In luck
What if the draw happens on time with gifts already purchased?It may seem risky due to the size of the pieces, which makes you think of adding other items such as sweaters or erotic products.

“Well, my secret friend is …”
Instead of citing only the physical characteristics, what do you think of quoting something sexy about the person?Of course this will only work if everyone has a deeper level of intimacy.

Do not miss
The choice of the present is crucial.Regardless of the personality of each, there are options for all tastes and styles.You can find pieces for “saints”, “naughty”, “I’m not holy or naughty”, baby style etc …

The right thing is to not let it go blank and guarantee a lot of fun.After all, it’s not every day that a small talk meeting happens … literally.