Girl Party Dress Tips

When we’re young, we dream of our children like a dream so far, but in a few years they appear in our lives and change completely. Before routine is transformed by a little boy and that makes us overflowing in love. A special day to every mother is his daughter’s birthday, but the question always comes up: what child dress use?

Comfort and freedom above all

Sometimes when you’re getting close to a party or event, we want to leave our little girls so look like little princesses that we call even if the dress won’t be uncomfortable or end up depriving the movements of the

girl. The main point in any of the dresses is that they are comfortable and do not deprive the movements of the girl, her point is unable to run or play.

Very long dresses with the barred on the ground level and may cause accidents or pieces that are too bulky and full of rubber bands and closed, you can leave your child with limited movements and surely you will see your little girl crying the whole party and you upset.

To avoid this, buy or rent always dresses that combine also with the taste of your daughter, taking her with you to choose and ask for a seamstress make the necessary changes but always seeking the comfort and tranquility of your daughter for her play and have fun with the other children at the party.

Respect your daughter

It’s not every girl likes to wear dresses all full of frilly, there are those who prefer clothes very comfortable to play and they don’t even care to think of something else. Talk with your little girl explaining that she will have to wear a dress, but that you will be able to choose the model, and can get you after to play with or towards the end of the event.That way you avoid hassles for you two.


You may remember that in the old days at weddings, the suit was the girl who would be the maid of honor to be wearing a dress identical to the bride. Well, over the years, it was noticed an evolution in these bridal gowns, so much so that today the dressed of my or “Wifey”, need not necessarily be identical to the bride.

At weddings the child must follow dress the color of the bride’s dress and have some common details in dresses as beads and details of stones, not being necessarily the same design of the bride dress. When we talk about the color stay both in the bride’s dress and the flower girl, doesn’t mean that some details cannot be modified, such as a crochet lace or accessories like ties for example in another color.

The florist for example is usually the flower girl of honor that can use a different dress of the bride, but also following preferably the color of the dress, that is, if the bride’s dress is yellow, all others should use the same color, since with different details.

Costume party

We know 8:00 pm every 10 girls want to wear dresses of princesses. You can buy a child princess dress with different colors or the traditional pink.

Polka-dot dresses and all rodadinho like women of the 50 used or dressed in sailor’s reasons are different ideas for the Irish fests.

Formal parties and events

For formal events, use models that are more like the dresses of flower girls, but with a lighter fabric and preferably with a shorter skirt so that the child can move with ease is the best choice.

The pieces cannot shake the child, so ask the seamstress from where you rented the costume or bought, take some adjustments leaving the dress more folgadinho, because the kids need room to breathe, laugh and have fun.

Fashion colors

The pink and purple are the favorite colors of the mothers and girls, but other colors such as green, blue and Brown, in addition to a beautiful yellow, also has made the head of the little girls who love to ride in style.

Birthday party

A good option to not limit your child to play and jump is uses SOCKS pants with dresses.The stockings can be of various textures, thinner or thicker, have drawings and many colors. The more classic is white and makes the child a real Princess, but others like baby pink or transparent are beautiful too.

Here some modelinhos to inspire in search of dresses for children’s Party: