Girl Room Decor with Wallpaper Adhesive

The use of wallpaper adhesive is a trend that already broke into the room of the children. The children’s room decor tends to reflect the personality of the child and it is natural that the parents choose the decoration to please the girl or allow herself to do it.

Although it is still one of the options, time was the girl room decor was just rosa. Not only the color variation, but also style, opened a huge range of possibilities. Here are some tips for decorating the girls’ room using wallpaper adhesive.

Decoration In Education

Some caregivers, whether they are parents or not, use the decoration in order to strengthen education and the values that they want to teach the children. Issues such as gender equality and women’s empowerment, can be inserted into the daily lives of girls, very early, with small details, for example, in the decoration.

Currently, it is possible to find many choices of wallpaper with themes, before considered as masculine or feminine, not in the girls room decoration:

Sky, space, spaceman and marciano

Safari, animals, dinosaurs

Boats and planes


Fun In Decorating

the characters are part of the world of the child, and character is identification. For each stage, the children have their favorites. The characters of the books, movies, cartoons and games broke into the girls room decor, stamping the wallpaper adhesives with a lot of fun via

In the market, you will find options such as: Tinker Bell, Dora, Peppa Pig, Frozen, Princess Sofia, My Favorite Evil, among others.

Neutral Adhesive Wallpaper

Not to influence the preferences and the like, do not choose a themed decor. Use the wallpaper to make neutral decor more charming.

In addition to the plain colors and geometric shapes, there is a huge range of prints and neutral grounds that can be used in the decoration of the rooms, for example: wavy lines, dots, florals, cubes, hearts , among others.

Regardless of the chosen decor, know that the walls of the little girl’s room will be forever in her memory.

Think of the little girl’s room decor as an affective memory that you will create and work on choice. So, don’t miss it. And remember: wallpaper adhesive is easy to change, and no mess. When she’s sick, you can choose another.

On X 4 Stickers you can find several options of wallpaper adhesive to decorate the room, with lots of charm and good taste. Here are some pictures and get inspired!