Girl Room with Ceiling Worked in Wood

Adolescence and youth are in transition and discovery in which boys and girls face a journey in search of self and of the guidelines for life itself.

As our aim is to accompany you in this great adventure of motherhood, we could not forget one of the most important stages in the life of a child; that moment when they begin to go their own way and make choices that will be decisive for the rest of their lives.

Room for a young is a private universe. The place to save the dreams, make plans and to keep in secret the passions and loves. Inspired in this whirlwind of emotions, on pilgrimage in the halls of the shows Live more for less after a space that could accommodate all this, in addition to having a more daring and original proposal. And it was worth it!

We found a wonderful project signed by Rose Camacho and Andrea Silveira called “Lady’s room” that managed to get all the features of this amazing phase of the life of a girl (almost woman!) with lots of charm and creativity.

One of the advantages of Rose and Andrea in this production was able to build an environment right from the women’s Union of unusual colors and replace the already known pink and lilac. And the result was amazing! Check now!

Amid great floral and simple listrinhas blues, this project presents itself with amazing solutions and outstanding touches and very tasteful. The floor wasn’t the only one who won the stunning wood reinforcement, the ceiling and the wall side of the bed also won the special coating.

The choice of wood was fundamental to highlight even more the blue tones worked on the walls in the prints of beautiful wallpaper.

The double bed was another important choice for this project. According to Rose Camacho, one of the creators of the project, the concept of the fourth applies to a “modern woman” and daring, “forward”. Therefore, the double bed applies well to this profile, which is independent and is leaving behind things and entering the adult world.

Another wonderful solution to bed was that the headboard was disbanded and in her place was a game of mirrors with a very different concept. Each mirror has size and distinct forms that are out of the ordinary.

The roof ot ceiling also won a decoration and special lighting. Wood strips were applied lit by recessed lamps giving a more sophisticated touch to the space.

One of the headwaters of the bed won glass shelves and in place of the nightstand appear mini bookshelves, glass also. The space also won points of light that highlight even more the pampering and photographs that adorn the shelves.

On the other side the glass is replaced by carpentry and mini shelf now is wood with spacious drawers. But, there is no denying that this lamp completely steals the scene. She is divine! Composed of three pieces of different models, the lamp creates an amazing effect in any room. A show!

And this lady so independent could not be left without a space for studies, isn’t it? Because the project predicted that creating a special area that is divided between studies and television. In addition to the wood finish (that we’ve seen previously on the sides of the bed), it is worth noting here the beautiful floral wallpaper.

The lush flowers appear in shades of blue and Brown with white background and share the space with stripes (which we’ll show you more forward). The white bench appears even more fun in the company of the Chair and the details in Orange.


The Orange also appeared on the fantastic corner table decorating another room environment. The mini living room is a room full of character with a unique and magnificent accessories.

Each piece in this corner has bold design that fits most modern proposal for the room.

The Chair, for example, has a rounded shape and works in shades of gray and colorful upholstery blue, Orange and green on the pillows.

The lovely striped wallpaper won the perfect companion of the watches. Each with an extremely unusual visual!

And to finish off the production a yellow Dresser that stole the show. The visual middle vintage adorns the entrance to the closet. What’s not to love?