Gladiator Sandal Back on the Catwalks

Learn how to use the accessory that is the center of attention on the look

The Gladiator sandal has returned to the catwalks and promises to make success in the summer, but the model darling of fashionistas requires careful and not necessarily dresses up any woman. Full of information and quite extravagant, the Gladiator lives between love and hate. But everything depends on the look and accessories chosen to accompany it.

Rule number one: who has the thick and short leg should avoid. “The Gladiators cut the leg and flatten the silhouette, it is necessary to have long legs and very thin to wear well,” teaches the stylist Jose Barbosa.

For being rather cumbersome and conspicuous, the Gladiator becomes the center of attention. So, be careful in choosing the look, in this case less is more. “I like to combine the sandal with light and tissue fluids, as a summer dress that makes a counterpoint, or minimalist, looks like a little black dress or a long skirt with slit”, indicates José. Structured pieces, such as blazers and trench coats doing the times dresses, are also a good option.

But make no mistake, simplicity is not synonymous with boredom. “You can play with color and pattern, but the modeling needs to be simple and discreet accessories”, teaches the stylist. Finally, don’t just hit the clothes. The decisive factor for the success of the look is the posture. “You have to know to load the sandal, have attitude”, warns Joseph.

Inspired by the pictures arranged by whicheverhealth to bet on Gladiator sandal next summer.