Gold Touch Microline PH 7 Test

A flexible phono preamplifier, which wants to score points at the value for money is the touch of gold Microline PH 7. Our test reveals whether it succeeds.

Once established as Blue Note, that evokes Italian HiFi label Gold note with his name associations on tasteful jazz records from the golden era of the long-playing record. In addition to exciting exotic (and correspondingly more expensive) noble electronics, the developers have placed the Microline series – adult HiFi in the half format, with considerable price-performance ratio.

Because as a preamp to run not only expensive MCs (and there are also very high quality magnetic systems), the gold touch developers have come up with a sophisticated input circuit, while impossible is a measurement of the capacity that is always perfectly but with a MM system.

The MM’s boyfriend can indulge in so the qualities of its sound can relax without worrying about flashy or musty bent frequency. And a rise in the direction of MC also already that’s why first push on the backburner because the PH 7 with these systems approved more noise and on top another pinch of Brumm homemade spreads.

Perhaps to eliminate the hum remains and bring even more progress – exciting, the announced additional power supply PSU-7 for “without” played the touch of gold with MM like MC so exhilarating, that you would locate him compared loosely in a higher price range.

Matched pressure fuller and juicier than the pure sound, the Italians held back for something timbres. The bottom line, plates with the PH 7 sounded always large and sonorous what Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street” helped to enormous effect. So full of lust lively, affordable phono stages sound rarely – a tip not only for MM specialists.