Good Entry Level Smart Phone

The O2 XDA COSMO like good processing, compact design and wide range of telephone functions. To the real business smart phone, but important features missing him.

The Cosmo runs on Windows Mobile and features such as environment profiles, voice dialing or voice control. In the areas of data and PDA functions, we missed but important functions in the test: UMTS, text processing, and a fleet synchronization with the computer.

The O2 XDA COSMO is built by HTC and is equivalent to the HTC S620. The latter is however significantly more expensive: without binding contract you get the O2 model from 320 euros, for the S620 are due, however, from 360 euros.

Facilities: Smart Phone Features

Voice control, environment profiles and good quick selection functions. As a phone the XDA cuts a fine figure. He has too little to offer for a modern Smartphone.

Phone functions
The XDA COSMO has no touchscreen and accepts commands from the keyboard or using speech. All items of the main menu can be called up by voice command. Thanks to quad you can only use the device anywhere in the world, where there is GSM networks.The built-in voice recorder stores images in any length.You can use home-made sound canned as a ringtone.Telephone calls to read but not record.

Of course, you can send SMS – and MMS messages (up to 300 KB) with the Cosmo and receive. Lacking a Central Inbox for all messages (E-Mail, SMS, MMS). Received or sent messages cannot be also in their own folders secluded. Travelers beware: the alarm clock works only with the phone, or in the standby mode.

Data functions
The Smart phone wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or via the USB cable provided with communicating with other devices. Without special drivers XP machine does not recognize the Cosmo however as an external drive, you can transfer data between Smart phone and computer via the enclosed software only. In the test, test file 8 seconds for the USB transfer from the computer to the phone needed our 3 MByte.

Whoever wants to can dial in W-LAN networks. The Smart phone supports the WPA encryption systems, AES and WEP. If no WLAN in range, you have to settle for data transmission in cellular networks with GPRS or EDGE, UMTS does not support the Cosmo namely. A VPN client is ready for secure connections. The connection to Exchange Server is possible with the Cosmo.

PDA/Multimedia: Massive Contacts

With the Cosmo, you can store unlimited contacts and manage. Data synchronization, you must bring a good dose of patience however.

The Cosmo offers a very extensive contact database, in which as many contacts deposit can be only available memory limits the number. While you can map each entry up to 53 detailed information. Office files (Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint) can be while using the program ‘ClearVue Suite’, but not edit. Previously, you need to install the software but once, she supplied only on CD.

Appointments, tasks, notes, emails, and upon request also media files can be open manage via File Explorer and synchronize using ActiveSync with the PC. However, for the latter, you should bring lots of patience. 1,000 test contacts were matched after just 7 minutes via USB.Factory 128 MByte plug storage at Cosmo, 96 MB can be used for your own content.

Who places emphasis on multimedia gimmicks, can look forward at the Cosmo on a mega pixel camera and a music player with stereo headphones. The photos look quite passable and be good for a presentation on the PC screen, test images, see the photo gallery.Moving pictures can be in mini format to record 176 x 144 pixels (QCIF).

The Windows Media Player enables you to think of videos provides musical entertainment. It supports ID3 tags and filter functions for artists, albums, or genres. In the test sounded the player in conjunction with the included headset is pretty loud, but miss bass and sound volume.

Practice: Weak Battery

Although the Cosmo is pretty compact and lies well in the hand. But the imprecise touch keys and the insufficient battery power disturb the practicality.

Facts & figures
With dimensions of 112 x 68 x 15, the Cosmo for a Smart phone requires pleasant little space. Also the weight of 119 grams of fine. Otherwise the proposed Akkuleitung: with less than 3 hours-more precisely 2 hours and 46 minutes at full power-the power cell is not permanent.

Using speed dial all main menu functions can be either with the push of a button or by voice command control. In the test, it worked very well and reliably. The lateral sensor keys school in as less reliable. The Cosmo input took only sporadic and inaccurate.

Easily worked, however, the input text. The QWERTY keyboard has crisp pressure points, pleasantly responsive to inputs and can be operated despite the close buttons very well and accurately.

Display and acoustic
The display is crisp sharp information with 320 x 240 pixels. See also brightness and contrast. The display reflects however very strongly, so that you can see virtually nothing left in direct sunlight. Somewhat disappointing was also the acoustic test: on the mobile side, sounded very muffled voices and nuschelig. The free speaker is too low even at full power and not suitable for use in the car.

Conclusion: Since more would have been

At first glance, the Cosmo is a compact smart phone with ample facilities list.However, some weaknesses noticed the closer look very negatively affect the practicality.

Sounds good: A Smart phone with Windows Mobile from Electronicsencyclopedia, the Phone functions supports voice dialing, voice control and environment profiles.The W-LAN ability of the compact device is noteworthy and reliable in practice. You can take passable photos with the camera. Well-functioning voice control and flexible speed dial functions are likely to please not only business users.

The absence of UMTS are less beautiful the imprecise appealing, Sensor keys and the longSynchronization time. The offer is not acceptable for a smart phone Battery performance. 2 hours and 46 minutes were not enough even for a phone. Furthermore, also the very good and clear display can not over comfort. At the end, it was enough for the Cosmo still for 12th-place ranking in the Smartphone.

You are looking for a device that rudimentary a laptop features, but still fits in your Pocket? Look at that Nokia E61 on. The number 2 of our Smartphone rankings dispenses with a camera, but not on UMTS, W-LAN, and a full keyboard.