Google Decided to Redirect to Hong Kong

The Google just announced on its corporate blog that has turned off, this morning, the domain The version of the engine for the huge market Chinese internet begins to redirect to, which usually attend Google users that are only accessible from Hong Kong.

“Earlier today we stopped censoring our services search – google search, google news and google images -. On”

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, with its own laws. It is on this basis that Google makes the transition from .cn to to redirect users to servers based on the particular region, the company will have to comply with local laws, which make no imposition about what it is displayed by the site.

According to Google, users who try to open the Chinese Google may notice slow and some services off the air, since the redirection process is still running. The company expects, however, that soon the situation is normalized. Google intends to still maintain operations research and development as well as sales advertising in China.

The question is when the Chinese government will respond to Google boldness. In the same post, the Mountain View company signals have expected a Chinese return. “We hope very much that the Chinese government respects our decision, though we are aware that they can block access to our services at any time.”