Google Gives up Scan Newspapers Worldwide

Organize all the world’s information. If this is the motto of Google, the company yesterday had a big drop on your goal. In an email, Google announced the worldwide partners newspapers gave to scan millions of pages of old publications. The Search News Archives therefore abandoned.

The project was in progress since 2008. In nearly three years, about 2,000 newspapers in English, French and Spanish (and other languages, I imagine) had its historical copied pages to the Google database. Who wants to see the service can still go on this special page, where all publications are listed.

In quick search I did in the service, I found only the Brazilian (and deceased) Jornal do Brazil in the list. As sent journalism in January 1930 , it had more publicity than anything else. Classified occupied the newspaper’s cover, with few spaces for truly editorial content – some sites and blogs repeat the formula today.

The staff of the Boston Phoenix, who was in the project, speculates that the purpose of scanning the newspapers was more complex than Google initially imagined. Or attracted few takers (journalism students, for example).

Google says it will focus on products that help the communications industry as a payment system for reporting. We are waiting.