Google Maps Shows Weather Forecast

That personal fissured weather forecast is another source of information for when you want to know whether to do rain or shine in one place: the Google Maps (or Google Maps, as it is called by the Brazilian subsidiary). A new layer of information was added to the service, allowing users to know the weather conditions in real time the locations that are displayed on the map.

To activate the feature you must click on the “button Map,” which appears in the upper right corner of the map, and select the “view Climate” (by the way, presented erroneously, as “time” is the correct way to designer the weather conditions at that very moment).

Small icons are used to indicate whether there is sun, or does rain, or if the day is presented with clouds. Beside, Google also shows the temperature in that region. It is to the user to have this information displayed in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit (I could write without consulting in the search engine, right?).

According to Google’s announcement, the time information is provided by, site belonging to the traditional weather channel The Weather Channel. For the layer position of clouds Google uses Naval Research Laboratory data from the United States. Two sources are usually reliable.

The display of weather information does not contain the map with the current temperatures. Clicking on the icon that shows the situation at the time, Google Maps carries a balloon with time details to the region. In addition to the current condition, also has the weather forecast for the next four days, and the minimum and maximum temperatures.

Google Maps also informs the humidity relative air and the speed and direction of the wind.

Next time you’re planning a trip to the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, do not forget to consult the Maps. Or run the risk of spending the whole day in the hotel room watching the rain fall.

Watch below the video of the new feature presentation (in English).

(YouTube Video)

Google Earth, Google app available for Windows, OS X from Apple and Linux provides real – time weather is time. The question I have is: why it took so long to do the same with Maps?