Google Nexus 6 P And Nexus 5 X: So Start Your Camera In Seconds

Google’s top Smartphone nexus 6 p and nexus 5 X both have an excellent camera, which is also suitable for snapshots. But often the subject has disappeared faster from your field of vision, as the camera software of the top smartphones can start. For these cases, the two units provide a useful function, with her even faster puts the camera on standby. In this guide, you will learn where you find the feature in the nexus 5 X and nexus 6 p and how you use it.

Less Megapixels, More Sharpness

Google has with its latest models 5 X nexus and nexus 6 p proved that it has a heart for photographers. Therefore, the search engine giant bought a main camera, which, after all, MP can take pictures with 12.3 two smartphones. Should the comparatively small number of megapixels fooled her leaving: Google deliberately on a higher resolution in favor of more sharpness, contrast and color fidelity.

Just when you want to capture certain moods of a scene in a photo, it is not necessarily the number of mega pixels, but as low image noise and beautiful colors. And this is exactly what make the cameras of the nexus 6 p and nexus 5 X – and are placed in readiness to do so quickly.

Snapshots Require Fast Camera Standby

But on fast-moving subjects such as a passing bird or a sprinter in full run this speed is not enough sometimes. Therefore, feature is handy, that enable the camera ready faster than tedious switching on and selecting the camera app.

Google Nexus 6 P And Nexus 5 X So Start Your Camera In Seconds

Fortunately, there’s a way to switch on the camera by pressing the power on button in standby mode. For this to work, you must turn on this feature however.

Activate The Feature In The Preferences

The option is hidden in the settings a little hidden. Your nexus 6 p or nexus switches on first 5 X and navigate to the settings. Then tap the sub-item for display settings. Here you will find the menu item which allows you to put the camera on by pressing of the on/off button in standby. Enable it and completed the settings again. Now, you should start the camera much faster by pressing on the on/off button just twice in rapid succession.


  • The Smartphones 5 X 6 p nexus and nexus have high-quality cameras, which are good for snapshots
  • Faster press to activate the camera you can also twice in rapid succession on the power button
  • You activate the function under “settings |” Display | “For camera / off press twice”