Google Nexus 7 in the Test

Is a small 7-inch Tablet without great features – it useful? Yes! The cheap ASUS not least convinces with its top screen nexus 7.

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After Google mid-2012 had acquired the US manufacturer Motorola, was the presumption that Motorola is now completely going over the nexus models that each introduce a new Android version and software have been reduced to Android in its purest form, in the room.

Now however, the 7-inch tablet is proof that Google still attaches importance to good relations with all Android supporters nexus 7 by ASUS. Also the nexus concept has remained.

Cheap prices

Sensational price: 199 euro are due for the tested 16-GB version, the 32 GB version, $299 cost 249 euros the 32 GB variant, which includes Wi-FI, HSPA + and Internet access via the mobile network. The prices are cheap, soft – and hardware of the nexus 7 are limited to the essentials.

Slimmed-down facilities

Our test device communicated via Wi-FI (b/g/n), Bluetooth or via USB cable; It is also recharged over the latter. The nexus has a speaker, headset port, and microphones for the use of multi media, communication and voice control of the browser. But a lack of a HDMI out to connect to TV.

The camera equipment shows that half-measures here are not an issue. A lens above the display although invites to video calls, but the Tablet does not even pretending to replace the camera – snapping isn’t. Also saved Google and ASUS have the memory card slot: 12.6 GB of available Flash memory must be enough.

The lush ingredients of many tablets, which ensure that the device for every conceivable application is ready, so unaware of the nexus 7. The components essential for a Tablet are of exquisite quality.

Great display

It begins at the display that holds high its contrast over a wide viewing angle range with rich colors and remains exceptionally readable even in bright sunshine. This quality does not get even the ads of many much more expensive tablets.

They’re usually bigger – about the nexus-7 display is a 7-inch format were quite divided editorial staff members. The advantage of over common 5-inch smartphones was some too low to access even to the Tablet, where the surface of the touch screen from 5 to 7 inches exactly taken almost doubled.

Others praised the low weight of 334 grams, which makes it very enjoyable a long use. Where a magazine fit for the nexus 7 is more than enough space also. The slim design does not detract from the stability, the processing satisfies high standards without any exclusive materials installed.

The screen for the display of complex content is generous: pixel available are 1280 x 800 for HD video and complex Web pages – more does not offer many notebooks with significantly larger displays.

Threesome processor and Android 4.1

But the best display is nothing without a strong processor, which speeds up the display of content. Here is the Asus with the from the LG Optimus HD 4 X known NVidia Tegra-3-quad-core processor (here with 1.2 GHz clock) very well equipped.

Even the stamina is above-average high with around seven hours. Also the sleek Android 4.1.1 contributes to the nimble response, which must cope with no debilitating extensions. With the many supplied widgets, it can be tailored to individual habits.

Just who needs special skills, such as the editing of Office documents, this software from the well-stocked play store must be retrofitted. In the closely knit ecosystem invite you also play music, play book and play movie. Here, Google Apple seems to be guided and to want to make money on the hardware.

Conclusion: No frills

Anyone looking for a high quality Tablet without bells and whistles, get a small, simple, but very powerful device at very reasonable prices – 199 and 249 euros respectively with the ASUS nexus 7. Thus the entry into the world of touch screen calculator so easy as never before.

Now Google brought a direct descendant of the nexus 7 on the market, which is but minimally more expensive, hence for this but also with better equipment.