Google Photos: Now Your Albums Can Also Jointly Manage

Easy editing and sharing images via Google photos – with several people: Google has introduced a new feature for its photo app. The management of photo albums on request also with several people is now possible.

The new feature of Google not to photos you just enable a collaborative editing of certain photo albums, but also the parts easier, writes Google on his official blog ( Because by accessing the invitees send the photos via SMS, email or Messenger services is unnecessary. People who you’ve invited to edit an album, can add also your own photos or videos.

For Android And Ios

Also the way that you inform you of changes to shared albums in Google photos let is practical: once someone has added to a picture or video, all participants on request receive a notification. In addition you can add photos images from one such album to my media library from Google – this way all participants can view the images without having made themselves.

It works without Setup or long settings: you can take pictures, combine into an album – and then send the link to friends and relatives. View and edit is also independent of the platform and works in the browser via PC, Smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether it Android or iOS when operating system is running. The app Google photos available free of charge in the Google play store and on iTunes for download.